Terms and Conditions

-All kittens are pet quality unless other arrangements have been made with breeder. 

-It is critcal that your kitten receive vaccines and kitten must be kept current with vaccinines. Kittens leave with first set of shots FVCRP adminstered by a licensed Veterinarian.

-Recommended vaccines are FVCRP (12 and 16 weeks), Rabies (12 weeks), and FCoV/FIP  (16 weeks). Failure to follow vaccination schedule void any health guarantee.

-Routine medical care, immunizations, and annual checkup are critical to your kittens health. Failure to follow through with routine medical care voids any health guarantee.

-All kittens must be spayed or neutered as recomended by your Veterinarian. If the kitten is not spayed or neutered it voids any health guarantee.

-CFA pedigree will be provided upon request for many kittens. It will only be available after proof of spay or neuter. 

-Purchaser agrees to quarantine kitten for 2 weeks from any other household animals. If kitten is exposed to other animals before that time any health guarantee will be null and void. 

-Purchaser agrees to provide breeder with orginal copy of initial verterinary exam via text, email, or mail within 10 days of first visit to insure health guarantee.